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To conduct basic multidisciplinary research on terrestrial imaging and the dynamics of the near surface, crust, mantle and core.


Mantle and Core Dynamics:

  • Geodynamo studies and simulation and the origin of the magnetic field,
  • Nature of the core-mantle boundary and the origin of hot spots,
  • Deep evolution of subducted slabs.
Crustal and Near-Surface Dynamics:
  • Structure, physical properties and dynamical behavior of the seismogenic zone,
  • Dynamics and evolution of fluid, heat and material flux in the lithosphere.
High-resolution Imaging and Remote Sensing:
  • Imaging of crustal fractures and fluids,
  • Development of accurate and efficient waveform modeling and migration schemes,
  • Applications of remote sensing to crustal dynamics.
  • To promote basic research and breadth in graduate education in the subdisciplines of seismology, geodynamics, tectonophysics, mineral physics, geomorphology, hydrogeology, and geomagnetism, as well as to promote earth sciences research in applied physics, applied mathematics and engineering.

CSIDE is the successor to the former Institute of Tectonics at UCSC, an organized research unit with a 15-year history of important multidisciplinary research into the dynamics of the Earth system.


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