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Center Personnel

Erik Asphaug, Collisional Dynamics
Emily Brodsky, Earthquakes, volcanoes, fluid flow in fractured media
Rob Coe, Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Tectonophysics
Dan Farber, Geochemistry
Andrew Fisher, Hydrogeology, Crustal Studies, Heat Flow and Modeling
Stanley Flatte, Prof. Physics
Ana Garcia-Garcia, Postdoc CSIDE
Yu Geng, Seismology
Jim Gill, Igneous petrology, geochemistry of island arcs
Gary Glatzmaier, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Jeremy Hourigan, Thermochronology, structural geology and tectonics
Long Hu, Seismology
Xiaofeng Jia, Visiting Postdoc CSIDE
Elise Knittle, Experimental Geophysics and Mineral Physics
Thorne Lay, Earthquake and Global Structure Seismology
Jian Mao, Seismology
Marcia McNutt, Marine Geophysics and Geodynamics
J. Casey Moore, Structural Geology and Tectonics
Francis Nimmo, Mars, icy satellites, planetary geophysics
Dan Orange, Tectonics
Chris Pluhar, Paleomagnetism
Bo Ran, Seismology
Arthur Rodgers, Seismology
Brian Schlottmann, Postdoc CSIDE
Susan Schwartz, Seismology and Geophysics
Eli Silver, Global Tectonics and Marine Geophysics
Greg Stock, Geomorphology
Slawek Tulaczyk, Glaciology and glacial geology, geomorphology, soil mechanics
Steven Ward, Researcher CSIDE
Quentin Williams, Mineral Physics and Experimental Geochemistry
Bangyu Wu, Seismology
Ru-Shan Wu, Theoretical Seismology and Geophysical Imaging
Xiao-Bi Xie, Theoretical Seismology
Hui Yang, Visiting Postdoc CSIDE
Xixi Zhao, Paleomagnetism and Regional Tectonics
Yingcai Zheng, Seismology
Xiaosan Zhu, Seismology

Center Administration Email Addresses

Thorne Lay, Center Director
Jennifer Fish, IGPP Lead
Judy Van Leuven, IGPP Management Services Officer
Amy Kornberg, MILAB Administrative Assistant
Mary Nosse, Administrative Assistant

Address, Phone and Fax

CSIDE/Earth and Planetary Sciences
University of California
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Front Desk: 831-459-4089
IGPP Lead: 831-459-1235
Director: 831-459-3164
Fax: 831-459-3074